International Marketing

  1. Choose a company that you know well which operates in the business to consumer marketplace. If the company is a large company, choose just one product line to examine. For example, if you choose Unilever then just select one of their shampoo or ice cream brands.
  2. Choose a country to study which is neither your home country nor the home country of the company you have chosen (Please take note of the advice above).
  3. Select and apply appropriate analysis tools to help you understand the consumer culture and attitudes to your selected brand in the chosen country. This must include the application of either Hofstede’s or Trompenaar’s cultural dimensions.
  4. If the company is already operating in the country you have chosen you must choose a product they produce which is not available in that country. You will also need to review the company’s marketing and assess how appropriate it is, recommending five improvements. You must clearly justify those changes.
  5. If the company is not operating in your chosen country you must recommend, with clear justification, the market entry strategy the company should adopt and, through reviewing the marketing communications used in its home market, recommend three changes it should make in the new market in order to fit in better with the local culture, explaining your reasons for those changes.