HRM701NUU Individual Assignment #1 – 25%

Due Date:  0950 on 28 January


  • Write in sentences and paragraphs (no bullet points), maximum 4 pages double-spaced, using Calibri 12 pt font and 1 inch margins.  Points will be deducted if your paper deviates from these standards.  I will not read beyond the fourth double spaced page.
  • There is no need to copy this paper/ questions in your submission.  You can just number your answers.
  • After you draft a response, ensure you are directly answering the question.
  • Students must upload an MS Word version (MS Word only, not PDF) to Blackboard before due date stated above (please note time differences) using the following format to name your file:


Academic Honesty:

Assignment#1 should be completed INDIVIDUALLY using your own words.  Collaboration between students on any question is strictly forbidden and will be subject to Academic Honesty review.  A high degree of similarity of wording and/or content with other student(s) papers is also a form of Academic Dishonesty.

Students are not allowed to do research from sources other than lectures, PowerPoint slides and the Textbook.  References and content from external sources is a form of Academic Dishonesty.  Any citations from lectures, PowerPoint slides and the Textbook should use MLA citations and a Works Cited Page.  Lack of citations or rewording from the text is a form of Academic Dishonesty.  The Works Cited Page will be p.5.

By beginning this assignment, I affirm that I will not give or receive any unauthorized help and that all work provided will be my own. I agree to abide by Seneca’s Academic Integrity Policy and I understand that any violation of academic integrity will be subject to the penalties outlined in the policy.

31 total marks, worth 25% of your overall grade.

Instructions:  Marks (noted in parentheses) will be given to precise and concise answers.  Your answers should incorporate content from lectures, the course PowerPoint slides or the Textbook only.

  1. Discuss two Ulrich HR competencies that you personally need to improve.  Why are each of them development priorities?  For each competency, outline three SMART (S=specific, M=measurable, A=achievable, R=results-oriented, T=timelines) actions for improvement that you will commit to. (10)
  2. “To be a credible HR professional, you have to be a business professional first.”  Give three reasons why you agree or disagree with this statement. (3)
  3. Use two different examples to describe how Treacy and Wiersema’s Discipline of Market Leaders concept affects the HR STAR Model. (4)
  4. Describe what a detailed Balanced Scorecard for Seneca College would look like. (8)
  5. What are three reasons for an organization to be Horizontally aligned?  What are three reasons for an organization to be Vertically aligned?  (6)