Discuss Figure 7.2 on page 224 in your textbook.

Each question should have a minimum of one-page answer. number each question. No outside resources or personal opinions to be used apart from the book provided or when explicitly stated. concentrate on chapter 7 and cite accordingly (MLA) 

1. Discuss Figure 7.2 on page 224 in your textbook. Which techniques of neutralization might a rapist use? How about a robber? Why would a criminal use different neutralization techniques based on the crime being committed?

2. Read about “The Long-Term Effects of Being Labeled” on page 234 in their textbook. Discuss the consequences of being labeled a criminal.

3. Describe the labeling theory and how the advantages and disadvantages of the sex offender registry.

4. Search the Internet for information about Amanda Knox and the murder of her roommate in Italy. Find out as much information as you can about the defendant, the victim, the crime, the trial, and the appeal. In your opinion, do any of the theories discussed in this chapter explain the actions that occurred