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We offer statistics help online to students and any other person or organization. Our professional statisticians are always ready to assist you with your homework. We guarantee good grades in any of the work you submit to us. Some of the services we offer include data entry, data analysis and interpretation of the results. We also help in any statistics related assignment. Our experts are good in most of the statistics data analysis software which include spss, excel, minitab, sas, r stata among others.

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  • Descriptive Statistics-Descriptive statistics is a branch of Statistics that deals with the description part of the data or data variables. Data can be described mainly using 3 main ways: Measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion and measures of frequency. These are the measures that are used to give information about a given data set at first glance. The measures of central tendency used include the mean, median and mode. Measures of dispersion mainly describe how the data is dispersed and include the standard deviation, variance and the range. All these measures can either be computed manually or using a statistical software. It is for this reason that you need statistics homework help
  • Inferential statistics-This is a branch of statistics that deals with providing answers for research question by the use of statistical tests. The statistical tests involved can either be parametric or non-parametric tests. Parametric tests include ANOVA test, regression tests, correlation tests, student’s t test, factor analysis tests and Z test amongst others. On the other hand non-parametric tests include chi square test for independence, Kruskall-Wallis test, Mann-Whitney tests, Wilcoxon sum rank test and Friedman’s Anova test amongst others. These tests are incorporated in most of the statistical soft wares such as the SPSS, Minitab, Strata, Microsoft Excel ,R SAS amongst others

Stats Help Online

Statistics Help online, is an assistance platform that help students, on-students and researchers with statistical related problems. It is composed of  a team of professionals gathered from different parts of the universe with different statistical qualifications to help clients with statistics. The team has mastered the concept of statistics over the years hence know exactly what is needed of them and how.Over the years we have worked with students of all education levels hence making us your first priority when it comes to statistical work

All that is required of the client is to login into our website and share the statistical problem and we will act accordingly. Statistics help Online deals with

  1. Statistics related assignment-Statistics help online experts will help you with your assignments related to statistics by providing adequate solutions
  2. Data collection-If the client of customer needs some data to be collected, we are the right people for that. Further, Statistics help online can also advice on which method is best for a given study and how to go about the data collection tool.
  3. Data analysis and reporting-Analysis of data is one of the most challenging tasks for statistics students in most parts of the world. This is because the students have little or no prior knowledge of the statistical tests to perform. Further, they may perform the tests but have no idea of how to interpret the results. Hustle no more, Statistics help Online is your best partner in this. Statistics help online will help you choose the right data analysis technique, interpret the results for you and compile a report of the data analysis for you.

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