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Stata homework help is a service that involves assisting students with their statistics help for students. We have a team of professional statisticians who have mastered the use of different statistics softwares which include STATA, SPSS, Minitab, SAS, R, and Excel among others. We are experienced in handling different types of assignments which include simple statistics arithmetic, data analysis, research papers, dissertations among others.

STATA assignment help

STATA is a statistical software that is mainly used for statistical computations which include data analysis. Statistics is a branch of mathematics/science that deals with the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. It is divided into two main branches: descriptive statistics which involves summarizing of data using quantities such as the mean and frequency, and inferential statistics which involves drawing conclusion from a given dataset after carrying out a series of tests.

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As compared to other statistical soft wares, STATA is quick and efficient, a reason why you should go for it. It has the ability to read and write data from other statistical soft wares, a reason that makes its use common. Being a statistical software, it is used to perform several statistical parametric tests such as cross tabulation, t-test, chi square test, one-sample t-test, ANOVA. It is also used to perform non-parametric tests such as wilcoxon sum rank test amongst others. In parametric tests, assumptions about the parameters of a population are made while in non-parametric assumptions are not made. Unlike other statistical soft wares, STATA has a special feature called the missing value analysis which gives information about the missing cases in a dataset.

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Our statistics help team of professionals uses the internet to offer statistical assistance to students and researchers. The team specifically deals with the statistical softwares to solve statistical problems. Further, if you are a student or an upcoming researcher, the statistics tutor can help in the following ways;

  • Understanding the capabilities of STATA software-This involves helping clients understand exactly how to maneuver when it comes to STATA, how to conducts statistical softwares, its merits and demerits amongst others. Our STATA assignment help tutors will guide you through every step.
  • Choosing the correct statistical test to run-Choosing which statistical test to run on a given dataset can be quite a quagmire. However, worry no more since the STATA homework help team is here to help you with that.
  • Cleaning, coding and data entry – it has been recommended for data storage by many researchers. The statistics tutor will help you enter data into the software, code the variables and clean it.
  • Interpreting the output – After running a tests or series of tests on a given dataset it is always important to explain the results. This will help other people understand exactly what is going on. Wen also help students who are not taking statistics understand the meaning of results. However, not everyone can correctly interpret the outputs, it is for this reason why you need the STATA homework help.
  • Statistical analysis of the output – The team will provide interpretation of the output and assist you learn STATA where necessary.
stata homework help
stata homework help

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