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SPSS is an abbreviation for Statistical Package for Social Sciences, a statistical software that is used to analyze statistical data so as to make data meaningful. The software is used vastly all around the world mainly because it is easy to use and gives credible results. Further software allows ordinary researchers to do their own statistical analysis with little or no prior knowledge of statistics as a course of study. It is therefore for this reason that SPSS homework help experts makes intensive use of this software.

Regression analysis is a statistical analysis that is usually done to examine the relationship between two or more variables. The variables can either be nominal or continuous variables. Nominal or categorical variables are variables that have two or more variables for instance gender. Continuous variables are variables that take on infinite numbers such as age, height and weight amongst others.

Regression Analysis Homework Help

  • Linear regression-This involves the regression on one dependent variable on two or more independent variables. There are two types of linear regression: simple linear regression and multiple linear regression analysis. Simple linear regression analysis involves regression one dependent variable on independent variable while multiple regression analysis involves regressing a single dependent variable on two or more independent variables. Both of these regression analysis are easily performed by the SPSS regression help.
  • Logistic regression – Logistic or logit regression is a type of regression that is performed whenever the dependent variable is a binary variable. Often, the two possible outcomes of this variable are 0 and 1.It is as a result of our many years of experience and mastery of the concept that the SPSS regression help our clients with this type of regression.
  • Polynomial regression-This is the type of regression that fits a non-linear relationship between the independent variable and the conditional mean of the dependent variable. SPSS regression help team can help researchers and any other person who need regression analysis.

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