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We are an online platform that offers statistics regression help to students of all calibers. That is High school, BA, Masters and PhD students. We also assist non-students and researchers. Our company is mainly meant to help you with your regression analysis homework. Regression analysis is a statistical technique that can be conducted using different statistical packages. These include SPSS, R, minitab, Strata and Microsoft Excel. It is used to determine the relationship that exists between variables; dependent and dependent variables.

A dependent variable is the variable whose effect is affected by the independent variable. An independent variable can be defined as variable that the researcher can easily manipulate to identify the changes in the outcome. The unique feature about regression is that a regression model that can be used to predict the relationship is obtained.

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Regression analysis is of different types depending on the number of independent variables and the nature of the independent variables as explained below

    • Number of independent variables. Regression analysis that involves one dependent variable and one independent variable is referred to simple linear regression analysis. Where the number of independent variables are more than one then the type of regression analysis performed is referred to as a multiple regression analysis. The model of estimation obtained is referred to as a multiple regression model. Logistic regression is used when the dependent variable is dichotomus

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This involves analysis where there are many independent variables.

  • Nature of variables: If the variables involved are binary(dichotomous), the type of regression analysis that can be performed is referred to as logistic regression. Although there are other different types of non-linear regression models used to predict the relationship between variables, logistic regression is the most commonly used and is also preferred my majority.

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