Form 1040 filling

Alfred E. Old and Beulah A. Crane, each age 42, married on September 7, 2018. Alfred and Beulah will file a joint return for 2020. Alfred’s Social Security number is 111-11-1109. Beulah’s Social Security number is 123-45-6780, and she has chosen to use “Old” as her married name. They live at 211 Brickstone Drive, Atlanta, GA 30304.

Alfred was divorced from Sarah Old in March 2017. Under the divorce agreement, Alfred is to pay Sarah $1,250 per month for the next 10 years or until Sarah’s death, whichever occurs first. Alfred paid Sarah $15,000 in 2020. In addition, in January 2020, Alfred paid Sarah $50,000, which is designated as being for her share of the marital property. Also, Alfred is responsible for all prior years’ income taxes.

Alfred’s salary for 2020 is $150,000. He is an executive working for Cherry, Inc. (Federal I.D. No. 98-7654321). As part of his compensation package, Cherry provides him with group term life insurance equal to twice his annual salary. His employer withheld $24,900 for Federal income taxes and $8,000 for state income taxes. The proper amounts were withheld for FICA taxes.

Beulah recently graduated from law school and is employed by Legal Aid Society, Inc. (Federal I.D. No. 11-1111111), as a public defender. She received a salary of $42,000 in 2020. Her employer withheld $7,500 for Federal income taxes and $2,400 for state income taxes. The proper amounts were withheld for FICA taxes.

Alfred and Beulah received a taxable interest income of $500. They received a $1,900 refund on their 2019 state income taxes; they claimed the standard deduction on their 2019 Federal income tax return. Alfred and Beulah paid $4,500 interest and $1,450 property taxes on their personal residence in 2020. They paid sales taxes of $1,400, for which they maintain the receipts. Alfred and Beulah have never owned or used any virtual currency, and they do not want to contribute to the Presidential Election Campaign. Alfred and Beulah received the appropriate coronavirus recovery rebates (economic impact payments).

1.    Go to (Links to an external site.).

 .      You will use the two forms listed below to complete the return based on the information provided.

a.    Find the heading Forms & Instructions and select the option Search Forms and Instructions.

b.    Select List All Current Forms & Instructions.

c.    In the Find field, type 1040. Chose Form 1040, Revision date 2020.

d.    This will open a 1040 tax form. Complete the form then select Download and save.

e.    Return to the previous page and select Form 1040 (Schedule 1) for 2020. This will open Form 1040 (Schedule 1). Complete this form. Download and save.